Rural 21 Newsletter 1/2011

Newsletter 1/2011. News * Commitment by the German Development Ministry at the Berlin International Green Week – and at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) * Managing development in rural regions in West Africa * Capacity Development for Agriculture and Rural Sectors: Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment * New PRO-AGRO series launched

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CONTENT 1. Karsten’s Blog 2. Aid Agency News 3. Development Effectiveness News 4. Monitoring and Evaluation News 5. Economic Development News 6. Governance News 7. Social Development News 8. Migration News 9. Publications 10. Training and Events 11. Websites of the Moment _____________________________________________________________________ Dear Reader, When I started this Newsletter in 2002, social networking was… Continue reading Weitzenegger's Instant Newsletter

New XING Group: Aid & Development Professionals

Karsten Weitzenegger took over the moderation of the Aid & Development Professionals group on XING ( and invited all subscribers of this Newsletter. This Group a forum for international development professionals working with different organisations to end poverty world-wide. XING is an online networking tool you can use to manage all of your contacts and… Continue reading New XING Group: Aid & Development Professionals

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Check out our daily Newsbox zine and RSS feed It has been kept as a secret, but most of the input we compile for our newsletters is now open for our readers. Visit our Newsbox at It has a fast search facility, that leads you to latest partner newsletters. With the full version with… Continue reading Check out our daily Newsbox zine and RSS feed