The Principle of Resilience

Habitat-Climate-Environment Working Group

Climate change is a game changer with respect to the resilience of ecological and human systems. Among the many threats and stressors of global warming, islands and coastal areas will be impacted by increased rainfall, more frequent and powerful storms and storm surges which, when combined with sea level rise, will mean greater storm damage and flooding with risks of destructive impacts on ecosystems, soil and groundwater, and human settlements. Among the recent bad news on the climate, a study published in Nature indicates that the melting of the Greenland ice sheet is occurring faster than expected and could significantly accelerate the rate of sea level rise, and new detailed NASA maps show that a group of glaciers spanning one-eighth of East Antarctica’s coast have begun to lose ice over the past decade. Climate change will affect different regions differently, and for some regions, there will be greater risks of…

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