Complexity and Sustainability


I am currently learning a bit about complexity. I am just starting, so if you are already well read about complexity, you will most likely not benefit.

As discussed in another blog post (The future of work, 2018), I believe we are facing enormous challenges and should be happy for every worker set free, including those set free by digitization. Every financial, insurance, bureaucratic, production, or construction job that artificial intelligence and robots can pick up, should make us happy.

This often relates to complexity. Every opportunity to make our society simpler, less complex, more direct, through online processing, a single government portal rather than 100s of forms and offices, through mobile device integrating the functionality of dozens of older devices, or through new taxation and insurance systems (e.g. replacing complex, bureaucratic and humiliating social security constructions with basic income), should receive a warm welcome.

At least in…

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