The Ecological Footprint of Luxury goods and Bitcoins


I dislike overpriced luxury goods. Like a 37500 USD Montblanc pen. A pen, which is functionally equivalent to a 10 USD pen, which is not much better than a 0.5 USD pen. Now, buying this is stupid if you are a UAW union official using misused funds. But, more generally, it reminds me of our unjust, inequitable distribution of wealth. And I dislike it because I am part of that system.

As a German, my footprint is around 5.3 global hectares. Australians (9.31 gha) or U.S. Americans (8.22 gha) are worse, but does that help? With a global average of 1.73 gha or 1.16 gha in India, we all have a long way ahead of us. There is no denying: We live our Western European lifestyle at the expense of poorer countries. And although we have hidden some inequality by separating rich and poor countries, enough remains in each country…

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