New Horizons for Germany’s Africa Policy

This paper by Robert Kappel deals with Germany’s new Africa policy and evaluates how much it will change.

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New Horizons for Germany’s Africa Policy

Robert Kappel, May 11, 2017

Germany’s Africa policy is changing. In recent years, ministries, political foundations, and parties have repeatedly presented plans for Africa which have galvanised the discourse – for example, plans from the parties CDU/CSU and the SPD, the Africa concepts of the federal government, and in 2017 the  Federal Ministry’s for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) Marshall Plan with Africa and the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy’s (BMWi) concept paper Pro! Afrika. The Marshall Plan with Africa is a significant contribution to the debate on a new Africa policy. The document names the most significant problems with regard to Africa and the policies towards Africa to date. The ministry clearly articulates what should be done, without exuding a tendency towards exaggerated optimism. Fundamentally, the Marshall Plan aims to curb centrifugal developments and to stem the further marginalisation of the…

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