Indicators for the Rich

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SONY DSCBy Claudia Schwegmann, Project lead of, Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, Twitter: @2030WatchDe and @OpenAidGermany

Do the indicators proposed by the IAEG-SDG capture the specific responsibility of high-income countries?

One of the big wins of the 2030-Agenda is its global character. In contrast to the Millennium Development Goals the 2030-Agenda explicitly includes the responsibility of high-income countries to address challenges in their societies and to meet their responsibility at international level. This result was achieved in a long and arduous negotiation over the last 2 years. So far so good. But the negotiations are not yet over. At the moment the indicators are defined at international level by the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on the SDG Indicators (IEAG-SDG). What gets measured, gets done – so indicators are important.

Officially, the process of indicator development was sometimes characterized as a merely technical exercise that could be left to the…

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