Beyond the Washington Consensus: The Role for Productive Development Policies

Inter-American Development Bank Policy Dialogue 

Beyond the Washington Consensus:
The Role for Productive Development Policies

Anemic economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean is in need of a post-Washington-Consensus policy shot in the arm. Unfortunately, the ghost of industrial policy casts a shadow over all efforts because it has often done more harm than good. IDB’s new book “Rethinking Productive Development: Sound Policies and Institutions for Economic Transformation” makes the case for productive development policies necessary to prosper while avoiding the mistakes of the past. Is this a sound basis to move forward? Are multilateral financial institutions ready to play their part? Join a debate among movers and shakers beyond the Washington Consensus.

Join Ricardo Hausmann, Dani Rodrik, Charles SabelAlberto TrejosEduardo Bitrán, Anabel González, and José Miguel Benavente as they comment on the 2014 edition of the IDB’s flagship series, Development in the Americas.

When: Thursday May 14, 2015
Where: 1330 New York Ave., NW, Washington DC
Conference Room CR2
Time: 3:00pm
Open to the public: Prior registration required

Livestream available the day of the event: English and Spanish.

Watch live streaming video from idbevents1 at

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