The Filter – by ECDPM – gives you the most relevant international cooperation news

The Filter at gives you the most relevant international cooperation news in relation to European Union external action, African governance and food security initiatives, economic governance, trade, and regional integration.

Over 500 sources are scanned daily to help busy policy-makers stay up to date. Online, the Filter is a completely searchable library, organised by topic. It includes insight and analysis from our own experts to put the stories into context.

How can you receive it? Sign up via the box on the home page and get it direct into your email inbox, through RSS feeds, or via social media. – See more at:

The European Centre for Development Policy Management is an independent foundation which was established in 1986 in order to monitor and support development cooperation between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.

ECDPM is a “think and do tank”. The main goal today is to broker effective development partnerships between the EU and the Global South, particularly Africa. – See more at:


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