Lifelong Learning in a Learning Society – Making it Happen by Building Partnerships


By Manzoor Ahmed, BRAC University.


An old idea highlighted by the Faure Commission in the 1970s, has gained new relevance in the context of the knowledge economy and the information society. In a typical human life cycle in today’s world, the traditional apportioning of time for building the foundation of  knowledge and competencies, and acquiring the intellectual and technical tools of learning to the first quarter of life, has to be complemented by lifelong learning in a learning society; where all participate in and contribute to learning throughout life.


Experience and progress so far based on the restrictive view of education in the MDGs and its limited scope in EFA point to the need to rethink development as human capability enhancement. This conceptualisation emphasises people’s agency, empowerment, ability to make and exercise choices – lending momentum to promoting human rights, human dignity and just societies. The discourse on…

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