Impact, Innovation and Learning: Towards a Research and Practice Agenda for the Future | IDS Conference

Tuesday 26 March 2013 – Wednesday 27 March 2013 26 March 2013 (10:00) to 27 March 2013 (18:00)
IDS Convening Space, Brighton, UK

The approaches currently used in the evaluation of development impact represent only a fraction of the research methods used in political science, sociology, psychology and other social sciences. Systems thinking and complexity science, causal inference models not limited to counterfactual analysis, and mixed approaches with blurred quali-quanti boundaries have shown potential for application in development settings.

This is an invitation only event. However we will be live-streaming the main presentations from the plenary sessions and panel discussions here:

So check in. I will be particularly interested in the presentation by Elliot Stern, editor of the European Evaluation Society’s journal evaluation, and lead author of “Broadening the range of designs and methods for impact evaluation”,, a recent publication that received a lot of attention.