TrainEval. Training Programme for Evaluation in Development, Brussels, Belgium, 5 Modules in 2013

Looking for a high profile training course on development evaluations? – Interested in the European Commission’s evaluation approach? – Want to benefit from exchange with other evaluation experts?
Check out TrainEval. on

TrainEval. is an advanced training programme for evaluation in development, which has been adapted to the specific requirements of the EC evaluation approach. It has successfully been implemented since 2008.

Next courses

Module 1: 13.05. – 16.05.2013
Planning & Management of Development Evaluations
Day 1 // Concepts & Principles in Development Evaluations
Day 2 // Evaluation in the Context of the EC
Day 3 // The Development Evaluation Process
Day 4 // The Need for Evaluation Expertise

Module 2: 18.06. – 21.06.2013
Design of Development Evaluations & Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Day 1 // Evaluation Questions
Day 2 // Development & Assessment of Indicators
Day 3 // Methodological Design
Day 4 // Analysing Cost-Effectiveness of Development Interventions

Module 3: 01.10. – 04.10.2013
Qualitative & Quantitative Data Collection Methods in Development Evaluations
Days 1 & 2 // Quantitative Data Collection Methods in Evaluation
Days 3 & 4 // Qualitative Data Collection Methods in Evaluation

Module 4: 19.11. – 22.11.2013
Data Analysis & Reporting in Development Evaluations
Days 1 & 2 // Statistical Data Analysis & Other Analytical Tools
Days 3 & 4 // Reporting

Additional Training module 18.-20.September 2013 in Brussels
Systemic approaches to conducting evaluations

TrainEval offers a sound qualification opportunity for development evaluation. It provides the ideal solution for experts acting in a growing market as it imparts
evaluation theory, applied knowledge and the ability to plan, conduct and manage development evaluations.

Participants profiles

» Consultants in international development cooperation
» Professionals working for:
– Bilateral & multilateral development agencies
– Governments of developed and developing countries
– Non-governmental organisations

All modules will take place in Brussels. The course language is English.
Early bird reductions for registrations until March 15th , 2013.
For more information on content, schedules and registration process, please visit


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