Education, Equity and Learning Post-2015 (part 2)

“… The most important issue of any is that the very great majority of those debating post-2015 are based in the North. Many of these are actively consulting the South.”


By Kenneth King, NORRAG and University of Edinburgh.

This is the second blog post that relates to a meeting onEducation: Equity and Learning for all – looking beyond 2015’, organized by Save the Children in Oslo on 20th November, 2012. The first blog post, by the Norwegian Minister of International Development, Mr Heikki Holmås, can be read here.

At this debate, I was asked – along with Norway’s Minister of International Development, Heikki Holmås – to engage with several topical debates relating to education post-2015. In this blog I outline my reactions and thoughts to the issues discussed.

The greatest education inequalities today

The first of these topical debates relating to education post-2015 was our views about the greatest education inequalities today, and how a new development framework should address these.

There are so many very different dimensions of educational inequality. But let me start…

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