Opening Unit: “Methodological Guidance in Evaluation for Social Justice”

This is to inform you that the unit “Methodological Guidance in Evaluation for Social Justice” by “Donna Mertens” is now available. You may access it now at, so that you will have a full one-week time to take the unit, and pass the test.

Also, we have the pleasure to inform you that to facilitate watching the videos of the lectures to participants with a slow internet connection, all videos have now been uploaded in YouTube. To watch them in YouTube, please click on “View unit video on YouTube” that is found in the Topic column in the course grid page:

And, please be informed that we have added the e-Learning instructions page in each of the units to guide you with the e-Learning interface. To start the unit, you would need to click on “Start e-Learning” in the instruction page.
Best regards

Marco Segone, EvalPartners co-chair and UNICEF Evaluation Office
Soma de Silva, EvalPartners co-chair and IOCE President