- what comes after the MDGs?

Written by Vanessa Herringshaw, Director of the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (T/AI).

However it’s framed, transparency and accountability (T&A) will need to be a vital part of the post-2015 agreement, and is relevant for all countries

ODI rightly points out that the momentum around T&A is strong and growing, and that’s for practical reasons – we can’t make maximum progress in fulfilling our goals unless there is openness and accountability.

Some key questions make the potential obvious: How can we – citizens and governments alike – know the progress we’re making towards our goals unless information is current and openly available? Won’t we learn better and faster from others if we can compare our performance? If we can see how our finite resources are being used and to what effect, won’t we make better use of them? When decision-makers and resource users can be tracked by citizens, won’t they work…

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