- what comes after the MDGs?

Written by Namhla Mniki-Mangaliso, Director or African Monitor and Mwangi Waituru, Co-Chair of Beyond 2015.

It is essential that Africa begins to tell its own story about the development it wants to see in Africa and globally post 2015. There is no better source of this story than the perspectives, experiences and aspirations of ordinary citizens.  This framework is a consolidation of perspectives of ordinary people that were expressed through a series of poverty hearings conducted by the African Monitor, The Global Call to Action Against Poverty, the Seed Institute.The hearings were conducted in Liberia, Ghana, Mozambique, Kenya and Southern Africa. During the hearings, panels of eminent persons listened to testimonials of people’s experiences with poverty; testimonials that were presented with dignity and honour.

When grassroots communities described their lived realities, it became apparent to the poverty hearings’ teams that the development they envision is not the same as the…

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