Karsten Weitzenegger Consulting joined GlobalFair aisbl | linking business & social concern

GlobalFair was established in 2011 in Brussels, Belgium as an international not-for-profit, non partisan organisation. It is run by an ambitious coordination team from Brussels with partners and members worldwide. The association arose from the vision to combine private and non-profit sector interests in countries with prospering economies and with future markets in disfavoured regions. All activities emphasize business and investment opportunities. There are no geographic restrictions to projects run by GlobalFair, but the outcome has to have a general positive social and ecological impact.

GlobalFair focuses on innovative and sustainable projects with micro, small and medium-size enterprises and organisations, aiming for the creation of an eco-social market economy on local and superior level. The projects are accompanied by a transfer of best practices, business knowledge and mutual learning among business cultures, and production structures. In addition to the projects, GlobalFair represents its members’ views at public and private meetings and conferences. Interest representation to political and civil society decision makers in the Europe Union is also part of GlobalFair’s activities.

GlobalFair aisbl
The Hub Brussels
37 Rue du Prince Royal
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