Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like

Sooner or later Expat Aid Workers wake up from the soft-focus dream of making the world better while simultaneously being one with the people. One day the futility of blending in, dressing like locals, being nomadic, or becoming experts in local culture will come as hard slaps in the face (or cold showers first thing in the morning) to the modern up-and-coming EAW. On this dark day she or he will suddenly understand that going native, establishing field cred, or even being enigmatic can only take an EAW part way down the path to full EAW self-actualization. She or he will understand that as important as all of what she or he might do is, an EAW is simply who she or he is.

And when it comes to finding one’s place in the hierarchy of EAW “who I am” awesomeness, there is no…

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