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Measuring the Impact of Results-Based Financing on Maternal and Child Health

This World Bank toolkit offers a step-by-step guide on how to evaluate the impact of interventions, especially those related to maternal and child health and those involving results-based financing (RBF). According to its developer, the World Bank Human Development Network, the guide can also be easily adapted for impact evaluation (IE) in other fields.
The toolkit includes:
• best practices for each stage of the IE cycle, such as how to choose evaluation questions, build a team, design an evaluation, and collect and analyse data.
• over 50 tools, including terms of reference for team members and survey firms, household and facility questionnaires, data-entry programmes, and materials for training enumerators and supervising field work.
In each module, the toolkit provides technical tools that can be used to implement the recommendations of the narrative. More than 50 tools are included, such as terms of reference for IE team members and survey firms, a list of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) indicators of interest, research protocols, questionnaires, enumerator training manuals and curricula, field work supervision materials, data analysis tools, etc. These standardised tools can facilitate cross-country comparisons of the results of RBF projects.

By Christel Vermeersch, Elisa Rothenbühler, Jennifer Sturdy, in June 2012. Download from (pdf-file, 69.760 kB)

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