Poverty Research Archive | Access to research and action material

Dear Colleagues,

Let me contact you today to introduce you to the Poverty Research Archive at http://povertyarchive.weitzenegger.de

You can use the Poverty Research Archive as search tool for getting results related to your poverty research. The search covers more than 70 Websites, which were selected for their excellent content on poverty reduction research and practice.

If you like to use this free and open research tool more often, please consider to install it on your Intranet or Website as a service to your fellows and visitors. You can get the code on my site. It is powered by Google, what makes it easy to use.

If you offer a Website or library related to poverty, it is probably included in the search already. Please indicate new resources to me, in case you don’t find them in the Archive. Also please contact me if you find particular resources not appropriate.


Karsten Weitzenegger