Event: Aid Effectiveness and Results-Based Aid, Bonn, 18 April

Public Lecture
Bonn, 18.04.2012, 18:30, DIE,
Aid Effectiveness and Results-Based Aid
Prof. Dr. Talaat Abdel-Malek, Panel Discussion afterwards.
Please register for the event with GDI directly: http://tinyurl.com/88dnh32

All aid approaches aim to achieve “results”. There are two aspects to the new debate on results: On the one hand, further improving the effectiveness of aid is important to the specialists, whereas on the other hand many donors (parliaments, the public etc.) continue to call for the justification of aid expenditures. This creates great pressure to give the most concrete evidence for the utility of aid budgets.

The current international discussion on results based approaches differs from debates so far in as much as in practice, aid has been frequently inputs and progress oriented. Results based aid (RBA) aims to identify outputs or outcomes that can be measured and quantified, i.e. results that can be directly linked to development activities.


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