ALNAP | 27th ALNAP Meeting Chennai | 17th-18th January 2012

The agenda is progressing very well and Robert Piper, UN Resident Humanitarian Coordinator for Nepal, has agreed to give the keynote presentation. In the afternoon of day 1, participants will be able to attend two of a total of six workshops that focus on specific elements of humanitarian response in urban environments and a scenario session is being planned for day 2. In addition, an expert panel including representatives from ISDR and UN Habitat is now being put together to help think about a global action plan for urban response. As we all know, the need for effective humanitarian response to urban crises has been highlighted as an area of critical concern after the Haiti earthquake. ALNAP members (and others) have been working on new innovative approaches to tackle this challenge and the Chennai meeting provides an excellent opportunity to share and build on these experiences.

ALNAP | 27th ALNAP Meeting.


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