Websites related to Development Effectiveness

Asian Development Bank’s MfDR Website
ADB has just launched its new website on _Development Effectiveness and Results_. It merges content on MfDR and aid effectiveness to give users a more streamlined, easy-to-access web experience. The new site reports on what ADB is doing to achieve greater effectiveness and results, both within the institution and with its developing member countries. Browse the News section for articles, speeches, events, feature stories and multimedia related to development effectiveness.

Africa Platform on Development Effectiveness
The Platform brings consultation, coordination and a common voice to Africa’s development perspectives, strategies and policies focusing on capacity development, aid effectiveness and south-south cooperation.

BetterAid unites over 1000 development organisations from civil society working on development effectiveness. BetterAid has been challenging the aid effectiveness agenda since January 2007 and is leading many of the civil society activities in the lead up to the HLF-4 in Busan. Public Group on Aid Effectiveness is a growing online community for development practitioners. This interactive platform was set up by EuropeAid to enhance knowledge through the exchange of practices on effective international cooperation.

CSO Development effectiveness
New website on the effectiveness of civil organisations working in Development.

IATI is a global aid transparency standard
IATI consists of a set of aid information standards; an online registry of published data; and a governance and advocacy process that builds the case for transparency across the aid sector. IATI makes information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand.

IDEAS AidRating
AidRating strives to contribute to better aid by measuring effectiveness/impact of interventions and making them comparable. In order to achieve this, we support full project related transparency by donors and contracting agencies.

Impact Evaluation, Development Effectiveness | 3IE
The International Initiative for Impact Evaluations. Improving development effectiveness through better use of evidence from quality impact evaluation.

LenCD Learning Network on Capacity Development – Road to Busan
The ”Road to Busan” working group has identified 10 key priorities to pursue between now and the High Level Forum. All members of the Learning Network are invited to participate in any or all of these initiatives.

Make Aid Transparent campaign
The Make Aid Transparent campaign is a coalition of 101 civil society organisations who have come together to call on donors to publish more and better information about the aid they give.

SDC Aid Effectiveness Network (SDC-AEnet)
The website of the Swiss SDC Community of Practice on matters related to Aid Effectiveness. You’ll find here information on the SDC-AEnet itself, as well as on the DAC hosted Working Party on Aid Effectiveness, and SDC’s role in it.

The Open Forum for CSO
The Open Forum brings together civil society organisations from around the world to discuss the issues and challenges to their effectiveness as development actors. Its objective is to propose, by late 2011, a global effectiveness framework for CSOs. The Open Forum is accessible to all interested CSOs worldwide, including NGOs, church-related organisations, trade unions, social movements and grassroots organisations.

United Nations Development Group
The UNDG Task Team has agreed on a joint statement and key messages for HLF-4 on the global aid architecture and the role of multilateral institutions, capacity development, and on countries affected by conflict and fragility. The UNDG/ECHA Working Group on Transitions is used at the platform to develop coordinated and coherent UN messages on crisis and post-crisis issues, feeding in to the joint preparations of the UNDG task team, as well as to the relevant external processes, i.e. the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding and the International Network on Conflict and Fragility (INCAF).