Key Documents and Websites to follow the HLF-4

A collection of useful and key documents on Aid Effectiveness are openly available on this OECD page to read, reproduce, quote or disseminate in view of making information on Aid Effectiveness, as well as the work of the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness.

Official Event Site Official OECD Site
UN Aid Effectiveness Website

CSO Open Forum
Fully participatory space for Civil Society Organizations worldwide united to define and advocate a common framework for CSO development effectiveness!/CSOpenForum

The Broker Blog
The Broker, in cooperation with the OECD, invites you to contribute to this blog about the challenges of the coming HLF on aid effectivess at Busan.

ODI Blog – The road to Busan and beyond ODI experts respond to the conference
In the lead up to the Busan conference, ODI experts explore aid effectiveness alongside country ownership, climate finance, and principles for global agreement.

Official Social Media Sites of the Fourth High Level Forum
Blog RSS

Sign on to CSO Asks to Busan:
Tell world leaders that you want to add a citizen voice to aid and development decisions.


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