Workshop Report on Rural Microfinance and Savings | PlaNet Finance and the European Microfinance Platform

PlaNet Finance, in cooperation with the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) has now published its latest Workshop Report on the topic of rural microfinance and
savings. The report summarizes the results of the 6th “University Meets Microfinance”
Workshop organized by the e- MFP Action group “University Meets Microfinance” in the
fringe of the “Second European Research conference on Microfinance” from June 17th – June 18th at the University of Groningen. The 2nd European Research conference assessed the state of the art in the field of microfinance research and provided
researchers and professionals from the sector with the opportunity to present their work, to discuss with senior researchers, and to exchange with international
colleagues. The workshop report is available for download here: