IDS – Impact and Aid Effectiveness: Mapping the Issues and Their Consequences

In this virtual Bulletin we bring together ten articles dating from across three decades. They all address Impact. From the outset, we note that there are a number of common threads and ideas that stretch across all the articles:

The implicit emphasis of all the articles on complexity

The breadth and depth of impact analysis, from the national level to the individual

The importance of knowing the audience for any evaluation or impact assessment

The virtuous cycle that can be created by using insights into impact to adjust interventions

The dependency of that virtuous cycle on participation and engagement of programme staff and clients.

What we notice, however, is how the articles framing these issues vary according to discipline and research site. We also see how some ongoing preoccupations have been shaped by their proximity to

via Institute of Development Studies – Impact and Aid Effectiveness: Mapping the Issues and Their Consequences.