3rd European Forum on Sustainable Development, Palencia, Spain 29th March-1st April 2011

CTA – Brussels Office Weblog – 3rd European Forum on Sustainable Development.

The 3rd European Forum on Sustainable Development will be held in Palencia, Spain from 29th March-1st April 2011. This forum is an initiative by the European Commission and EU Presidency with the support of France, Germany, Ireland, the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development and CTA. Around 500 experts in rural development form all around the world will be attending. Areas in agricultural cooperation which will be discussed include cover governance, food security and social protection, land issues, Ecologically efficient agricultural systems for smallholder farmers, the role of the private sector and the civil society in rural development, rural financing…
In the framework of the Forum, CTA is preparing a side-event under the theme “ICTs Mobilizing Farmers” which will highlight the importance and potential of ICTs in rural communities and agricultural development, presenting testimonials of farmers, ICTs specialists and researchers. The aim is to exemplify the positive contribution of technology in the development of small agricultural clusters; increasing productivity, bringing up-to-date market information and even allowing easier access to finances.

If you wish to assist to the Forum and event, please contact lopes@cta.int