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Dear Reader,

When I started this Newsletter in 2002, social networking was still done in smoky bars. I thought that sending monthly summary information on what I read and do to my contacts was a good knowledge sharing tool. And indeed, your positive feedback motivated me to do the Newsletter every month. I know that some of you wait for my Newsletter to get an update on what is relevant for development practitioners. Some even print it and read it on the morning train.

I even got nice consulting contracts through the Newsletter. I am so busy as a Consultant now that I lack time to prepare the Newsletter every month. Thank you!

You’ve got to be strong now. I’ll always be there for you, but he Newsletter will be different. In the last 8 years, I joined so many social networking sites on the Web that they have become my main knowledge sharing tool. My community of practice has grown beyond one-way newsletters. You can be part of it and contribute, like some of you do already.

I now prepared a Web version of the Newsletter for you, that is updated constantly. It uses syndication with my social networks. I’m still behind it somewhere. As before, you are guided to the sources of information. And you can still print it for the morning train.

Please find your Web version of the Newsletter here:

It has the above content for now. Is there anything else I should cover?

Kind regards,