Upcoming Seminars and Events

Capacity WORKS for the Consulting Business

Germany, different locations, starting July 2009
Capacity WORKS is GTZ’s new management model for sustainable development.
AGEG Consultants eG is offering a series of certificate seminars on behalf of GTZ. GTZ will also be making expertise in Capacity WORKS a requirement in its future job openings. See our German Website for courses or contact Ms. Bettina Nasgowitz, b.nasgowitz @ ageg.de, on tel. +49 7021-970 87-17.

Join The SEEP Network Online Conference
From July 6-10, The SEEP Network’s Enterprise Development Exchange will host an online conference, Understanding and Accessing Social Investment, to discuss the emerging world of ‘‘social investment”, a range of capital targeted to entrepreneurial approaches to social and environmental problems.

Fourth Annual African Microfinance Conference

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 7 – 10 July 2009
The conference will focus on the issue of access to financial services for small and medium sized African entrepreneurs, operating both in the rural and the urban areas. The Organizing Committee views this issue as the biggest challenge in microfinance for the African continent.

New Developments in Reporting Standards for the Microfinance Industry
Live Event + Webinar (July 15) and Online Discussion (July 21 – 23)
Two events addressing key issues: Update on the Microfinance Reporting Standards Initiative; Financial transparency and reporting by MFIs; Reporting ratios for savings and capital adequacy. Hosted by Financial Services WG and microLINKS.

Conference on Global Financial Crisis: Regional Cooperation and Architecture Policy Issues

Tokyo, Japan, 16 July 2009

Fortbildungsprogramm Evaluation in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (FEEZ)
Germany, 3 Sessions, 16 Jul – 17 Oct 2009
FEEZ is offering a package of 3 modules on Evaluation in German language.

Advocacy and Policy Influencing
Oxford, UK, 20-24 July
This INTRAC course gives participants a thorough understanding of how to influence the policy making process in their own context. Enhance your ability to lobby decision makers, and gain confidence in the ways in which you relate to them – give new life to your advocacy work!

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management: Housing Finance Summer Academy 2009. Frankfurt, Germany, 26-31 July 2009
Housing finance in developing and emerging countries is growing rapidly even in a challenging business environment. Issues related to origination, underwriting, monitoring and funding alternatives of mortgage loans require specialised knowledge in the area.

Value Chain Concept
Ede, Netherlands, 24-28 August 2009, MFG Training and Consultancy
Again, this course is designed and conducted in association with Hans Posthumus Consultancy.

2nd Bonn Conference on International Development Policy – New Impulses for Development Cooperation between Federal States, Regions and Local Authorities

Bonn, Germany, 27 -28 August 2009
Tying in with the resolution of the Minister-Presidents’ conference on the development policy of German federal states (October 2008), the theme of the conference will be the role of sub-national players in development policy: What position do Europe’s federal states, regions and local authorities assume within the new development cooperation structure? How can their policy be reconciled with the objectives of the Paris Declaration?

Value Chain Program Design: Promoting Market-Based Solutions for MSMEs
Chiang Mai, Thailand, 7-11 Sep 2009, Action for Enterprise

Urban-rural linkages and migration – a potential for poverty alleviation in developing countries?
Dortmund, Germany, 16-17 September 2009, Techische Universität
Researchers, policy makers and practitioners will jointly discuss the relevance of rural-urban migration for poverty alleviation, and implications for governance and development co-operation. The conference is organised by the Department of Spatial Planning in Developing Countries (REL/SPRING) of the Faculty of Spatial Planning , TU Dortmund, the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and the Working Group Regional and Local Development (ReKomEnt) with participation of AGEG Consultants eG. Contact: eva.gehrmann @ tu-dortmund.de.

Sustainable Livelihoods and Pro-Poor Market Development
Open now until 16 July at Enterprise Development Exchange (EDX)!
Online discussion invited by the Market Facilitation Initiative (MaFI). To register for the EDX and the discussion, please go to http://communities.seepnetwork.org/edexchange/node/362 and join.

Ex-ante Poverty Impact Assessment (PIA)
Bonn, Germany, 7-9 October 2009, AGEG Consultants eG, GTZ

GTZ and AGEG cordially invite participants from donor organizations, implementing organisations as well as consultants either from head offices or abroad, and from partner countries. At the end of this training course, you will be able to conduct a PIA based on the methodology and different modules proposed by POVNET. This course is offered by AGEG Consultants eG in cooperation with GTZ and the team of trainers Mohan Dhamotharan and Andrea Warner. It was developed by the GTZ project Mainstreaming Poverty Reduction. Apply until 15 July 2009: Ms. Bettina Nasgowitz, b.nasgowitz @ ageg.de, on tel. +49 7021-970 87-17. More on PIA: http://www.weitzenegger.de/en/pia.html

The Economics of Corruption
Passau, Germany, 10 – 17 October 2009
A University Training in Good Governance and Reform – The University of Passau and Transparency International.

2009 International Forum on Remittances

Tunis, Tunisia, 22-23 Oct 2009, IFAD
Remittances, business models and technology fair will run parallel to the Forum to allow private-sector entities and other stakeholders to exhibit their products and services.

European Development Days 2009
Stockholm, Sweden, 22-24 October 2009
Yearly event hosted jointly by the European Commission and the EU Presidency. The European Development Days bring some 4000 people and 1500 organisations from the development community together on an equal footing. Delegates from 125 countries are represented, including heads of state and leading world figures, Nobel prizewinners among them. The event aims to make development aid more effective, to build a global coalition against poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Through frank and sometimes controversial debates on pressing issues, such as governance, poverty and environmental sustainability, the European Development Days provide unprecedented opportunities for sharing ideas and launching innovative partnerships. Source: European Commission.

5th International Microinsurance Conference
Dakar, Senegal- 3-5 Nov 2009

Microinsurance Network, the Munich Re Foundation.

International CEFE Conference 2009
Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 24-27 Nov 2009, Instituto Centro CAPE
Conference language shall be Spanisch and Portuguese. Contact: ccape @ centrocape.org.br .

Promoting Global Value Chains: The Role of Governance

Maastricht, Netherlands, 26-27 Nov 2009, EADI
The workshop will explore the role of external and internal governance in promoting sustainable global value chains and other related topics.

Fragmentation in a Globalised World
Paris, France, 9 December 2009
7th AFD/EUDN Conference

Online Training-of-Trainers: Using USAID Poverty Assessment Tools
Free online version of the PAT training-of-trainers. It is a self-paced course that can be completed in ~20 hours. IRIS Trainers monitor the course daily and provide feedback on certain activities, including participants’ PAT implementation plans, the guided creation of which is a significant component of the training. Info: Margaret Richards, mrichards @ iris.econ.umd.edu

Course on agribusiness management for producers’ associations
The manual is aimed at improving the agribusiness management capabilities of leaders and managers of producers’ associations as well as those of technicians from government, NGOs and the private sector, who provide technical assistance to agro-enterprises. It is addressed to small and medium size producers’ associations with experience in production and marketing of agricultural products.

Music against poverty contest
Young EU citizens are invited to share their message on fighting poverty and development through a music contest organised by the European Commission’s cooperation office EuropeAid.


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