Migration in the EU: An opportunity and a challenge

The European Union has historically attracted millions of immigrants. Most of them come legally, but there are some who do not. Immigration is both an opportunity and a challenge for Europe. Legal immigrants are needed to fill gaps in the EU labour force, as the EU’s own population grows older and its birth rate declines. However, the EU needs to curb illegal immigration and cooperate with other countries to arrange the return of irregular immigrants on a voluntary basis. The EU also has a duty to protect genuine asylum-seekers fleeing persecution or serious harm. The aim of European leaders is to devise a common strategy, to help each country cope with the challenges and benefit from the opportunities. This is why they have agreed on a European Pact on Migration and Asylum. Source: CTA, European Commission, http://ec.europa.eu/publications/booklets/move/81/en.doc
CTA Briefing on migration: http://brusselsbriefings.net/past-briefings/december-11-2008/
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