Development Gateway Highlight: Business for the Environment

The human race is pushing our planet towards the edge of disaster by flooding land, sea, and air with pollution and by over use of our natural resources. These issues amount to one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. As the world explores alternative growth paths, new ways of doing business are critical. Innovative solutions are pointing the way to new business models and market opportunities.”

B4E, the Global Business Summit for the Environment, is the leading international conference focusing on business and the environment. B4E 2008, held in Singapore on April 22, highlighted the most urgent environmental challenges facing the world today and discussed business-driven solutions for mitigating and adapting to climate change. Important topics addressed include resource efficiencies, renewable energies, new business models and climate strategies. Delegates shared best practices for identifying and managing the risks posed by climate change and uncover opportunities for developing competitive advantages.

During the Summit, CEOs and senior executives from leading global companies joined leaders from government, international agencies, NGOs, and other organizations to discuss the issues, forge partnerships and explore solutions for a greener future.

One thought on “Development Gateway Highlight: Business for the Environment

  1. Hello Karsten,

    First, thank you for including me in the list of websites of June, I feel honored, specially because the other webs around are just great: the world is moving… good!

    I’m very interested in your work & I think this blog about Business for environment is a good place to promote this increasing community: (If you are allready members let’s get in touch)

    I think you will agree that poverty & environment are 2 problems we have to solve at the same time, right now. I don’t know how deep you’ve been diving in my web:

    But maybe you know that Open Networks & Social Sharing spirit are going trough the hole society. THIS IS A GOOD IDEA for democracy, poverty, environment, justice, peace…

    Let’s leverage all this rusty pyramids of International (un)cooperation… Let’s work together, whatever you do 😉

    THIS IS THE ONLY WAY, if there is a way…

    Kind regards


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