Websites of the Month, April 2008

African Voices in Europe demand more effective aid for Africa’s poorest
Practical Action has launched a new website – African Voices in Europe – to expose the failures of European aid and set out a new agenda for Improving aid for Africa’s poorest communities. African Voices in Europe exposes the failures of EC aid to reach farmers and livestock keepers across Africa, and explores how EC aid could be more effectively targeted to achieve its objective of poverty reduction.

AiDA Adds Information from Major Nongovernmental Organizations
The database on development activities, AiDA, now includes activities funded by the Gates Foundation, the Open Society Institute, and the Soros Foundation Network. These non-traditional donors fund over 3,800 activities. As a tool for aid effectiveness, AiDA includes information on more than 200,000 development projects worldwide.

CAN launches a FREE Social Enterprise Directory
CAN has just launched a FREE directory of social entrepreneurs, social enterprises and enterprising charities in the UK. Sign up today if you want to be listed.

Commonwealth Micro Finance (CMF)
Commonwealth Micro Finance (CMF) has been established by the Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) to provide a range of financial services including international remittances, micro-savings, micro-loans and other banking services for individuals and small businesses in 52 Commonwealth countries. CBC provides leadership in increasing international trade and investment flows, creating new business opportunities, promoting good governance and corporate social responsibility, reducing the digital divide and integrating developing countries, in the Commonwealth, into the global market. Pre-register online for your Zipp™ card. It dramatically reduces transaction costs for Migrant remittances and banking transaction costs.

CUTS Centre for International Trade, Economics & Environment
Since October 2007, CUTS Centre for International Trade, Economics & Environment (CUTS CITEE) has been posting latest developments, news items, etc on trade and development issues onto its site. They are gathered from various sources and put under three heads: WTO Issues, Regional Economic Cooperation, and Developmental Issues. For instance, the latest draft texts on agriculture and NAMA (non-agricultural market access) of the Doha Round of negotiations by the WTO Members are there.

Data Base of Evaluation Studies Undertaken by EU Member States and the European Commission in External and Development Cooperation (from 2000)
The current database (DB) contains references to evaluations undertaken by European Union (EU) Member States (MS) and the European Commission in the area of development and external cooperation from the year 2000. More than just an index or a catalogue of interesting evaluations, the database offers the possibility of direct access to the available documents via the Web. A link to the summary or the full report is available in approximately 60% of cases.

EIM’s Public Knowledge Web on SMEs and Entrepreneurship
EIM carries out a long term research program on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurship, which is being financed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Some major themes are nascent entrepreneurship, business start-ups, high growth enterprises, firm size distribution, innovation, internationalization, job creation and human resources management in SMEs.

EU Donor Atlas 2008
The EU Donor Atlas is based on the data on ODA provided by the DAC International Development Statistics online: DAC online (for annual aggregates) and Creditor Reporting System online (for aid activities) as of January 2008 -covering data for the years up to 2006.

FRAME: Framework for Reporting, Analysis, Monitoring, and Evaluation
SEEP’s FRAME Tool and companion manual, Measuring Performance of Microfinance Institutions (the Framework), represent an initiative towards reaching global standards for microfinance performance monitoring and reporting. The FRAME Tool and Framework complement each other, and should be used in conjunction. The FRAME Tool, and Framework ratios, were developed by and for microfinance practitioners, in conjunction with raters, network organizations, donors, and investors. SEEP is proud to release FRAME 2.0, with over nineteen new features.

Growth, Innovation and Policy (GIPOL)
GIPOL is a collaboration project between NIFU STEP, Norwegian School of Management, University of Agder and University of Lund. It is financed by the Norwegian Research Council and lasts from 2007 until 2010. The main aim of the project is to analyze modes of innovation and knowledge networks in order to develop an analytical framework adapted to the increasing globalization of the economy.

Have your say on the new EuropeAid website!
The EC’s EuropeAid Cooperation Office has recently re-launched its website, and is now seeking feedback from stakeholders. To participate in the online survey please follow the link on the EuropeAid website:

ip4inno – Intellectual Property Rights at SME
ip4inno is a project funded by the European Commission as a part of the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. Its main aim is to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) enhance their understanding and use of intellectual property rights with a view to promoting innovation and competitiveness in line with the European Commission’s Lisbon goals.

MDGInfo 2007
This database system is designed for the compilation and presentation of development indicators to support data users in their MDG monitoring. The MDG goals and targets are imbedded in the system linked to the 48 MDG indicators in a goal monitoring framework. MDGInfo has been adapted from DevInfo and presents the most up to date country-level statistics available as of August 2007 for the global monitoring of progress achieved towards the MDGs since 1990.

Resources for Improving Training Outcomes
Visit this World Bank site for free resources for training providers and donors, providing guidelines on training design, participant selection, targeting of training content to organizational needs and monitoring and evaluation of training.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
The chair focuses research and teaching in the fields of Strategic Management and Innovation. As an academic field, Strategic Management is concerned with the long-term competitiveness and performance of a corporation. It examines and explains why some corporations financially outperform its competitors.

The Centre for Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise (KITE)
KITE brings together Newcastle University’s extensive research capabilities on innovation management and enterprise, incorporating research on the social, economic, managerial,
organisational, and cultural aspects of information and communications technologies and their social consequences, and studies of the role of universities in society.

The QUICK Centre for microfinance in disaster surroundings
This is a knowledge sharing platform for the practitioners of microfinance in disaster surroundings. A new knowledge centre and knowledge sharing platform on microfinance in disaster surroundings has been established for the practitioners’ community. The QUICK Centre posts information on post-disaster microfinance support measures, microfinance as a disaster preparedness tool (incl. microinsurance), and disaster management for microfinance institutions. It includes among others a project database, a library, a forum and links to related organizations.

TransMONEE database – Unicef Innocenti Research Centre
The TransMONEE database is an annually updated database containing a wealth of general social and economic statistics and indicators of child well-being across the 27 countries of the CEE-CIS region, collected directly from the national statistical offices. The 2007 release of the TransMONEE 2007 is now available in English and Russian.

Whither EC Aid? Towards a New Approach For Assessing Development Cooperation
European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) and Actionaid launched this new project website.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the OECD Development Centre launched a new interactive website to share and exchange information on gender equality issues.