Remittances from Germany and their Routes to Migrants' Origin Countries

Germany is one of the most important countries of origin for remittances— money transfers from migrants. In 2006 they amounted to approximately ten billion euros. However, as this study shows, migrants face considerable difficulties with the transfer process. Despite its large volume, the market for money transfers is extremely intransparent. Intensive research is needed to discover which financial institutions offer what kind of services, and at what cost. In some cases the cost of these services is extremely high. The result is that transfers are frequently made through informal channels.


One thought on “Remittances from Germany and their Routes to Migrants' Origin Countries

  1. Germany unlike the UK or France hasn’t been a hit with the overseas workers coming from the Asian countries. It has attracted East European nationals and the rapid industrialisation has ensured that both skilled and unskilled workers flock to Germany. I think the competition between the money transfer agencies that has cropped up in the last few years is going to open a plethora of services that would help the remitters in remitting money back home.

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