Websites of the Month: January 2008

North-South Training, Research and Policy Network on Trade and Development
The NSN comprises universities and policy-oriented institutions from European and ACP countries. Its overall aim is to contribute to creating in ACP countries a cadre of professionals able to provide sound policy advice on trade and development matters, through the strengthening of linkages and interaction between the ACP and European training, research and policy communities in the area of development and trade.

The International Poverty Centre (IPC)
IPC is a joint project between the United Nations Development Programme and the Brazilian Government to promote South-South Cooperation on applied poverty research and training. It specializes in analyzing poverty and inequality and offering research-based policy recommendations on how to reduce them. IPC is directly linked to the Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea), which does research for the Brazilian Ministry of Strategic Planning, and the Bureau for Development Policy, UNDP.

The Internet Site for Economists
Inomics is an Internet service especially tailored to the needs of economists. At this site you can find job openings for economists, conference announcements, a human-edited directory as well as a database of research papers in economics.

Informal Economy Resource Database
This database contains over 500 ILO entries directly or indirectly related to the informal economy and decent work. The database is searchable by country, keyword, ILO author unit and date. Each entry contains information about the resource, and usually includes a brief summary of the contents. In most cases the resources can be accessed electronically, in PDF format. Links are often provided to the relevant ILO website to enable the User to make further inquiries. As a database, this resource is a “living” and dynamic inventory which can be improved on at any time. Comments and/or suggestions are welcome at: iedintegration @

UN to Connect Rural Women Entrepreneurs through Online Knowledge Network
This web-based network will make it possible for women entrepreneurs to learn from each other about business opportunities, market trends, and to market their products. Membership in the knowledge network is open to women’s cooperatives, women’s business associations, non-governmental organizations and policymakers. Topics include: business basics, building life skills for women’s empowerment, forming cooperative enterprises, marketing, making business plans, costing and pricing, building e-businesses, and online payment and delivery systems.

World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU)
This improved Web site this eerything you need to know about WOCCU’s programs, international remittances, partnerships and credit union statistics in any given country is now available in one place in both English and Spanish. WOCCU’s Web site also offers an archive of valuable resources on best practices in credit union development.

55 Top Quality Products on one 640 Meg CD
CD3WD is a 3rd World Development private-sector initiative, mastered by Software Developer Alex Weir. Major online and offline sections on Livestock, Training, Metalwork, Auto Mechanics, Wind, Solar, other Alternative Energies. You can browse and/or download the complete and latest version of CD3WD. Single Files are at

Alternative Channel Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada,
Alternative Channel is international, interactive, and deeply committed to the ideals of journalism in a brave new world of media. The place of citizen journalism in our lives is still being explored.

Global Hand
Global Hand is a matching service helping corporate/ community groups partner with NGOs: a non-profit brokerage facilitating public/ private partnership. Finding appropriate partners, in this context, can be difficult. The library has been set up to connect all parties in this sector with carefully chosen information searchable by location, need type and services, at both national and international levels.

WAND directories
The specificity of the WAND product and service categories allows more accurate search and classification than any other business directory platform on the Internet. The categories can be split off into industry segments to create vertical directories. Over 70,000 categories are available. The WAND business to business directory platform is built upon the WAND Product and Service Taxonomy providing a sophisticated underlying structure for categorizing and searching company data by the specific product or service which a company is able to provide. Custom branded Powered by WAND directories have been in use on the Internet by major yellow pages publishers, trade associations, and government agencies since 1996.