2015-Watch report: EU aid programme to Africa fails to address Millennium Development Goals

On the occasion of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) mid-point, Alliance2015 published its 4th ‘2015-Watch’ report addressing the crucial question whether Europe is still on track to fulfil its commitments and deliver on its promises.
The European Commission is currently finalising its aid programmes for countries in Africa for the period 2008 – 2013. Officially, the main objectives of these programmes are the eradication of poverty and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals but it appears that these are being pushed aside in favour of the EU’s own interests, as evidence suggests: the report cites the example of the new “Governance Facility” which, the Commission claims, will boost the EU’s support for health and education in its partner countries. However, according to the report, the evidence suggests otherwise. The Governance Facility uses a set of 23 indicators to determine which countries will be eligible for additional funding. Of these, only one is related to the Millennium Development Goals.