Berlin Declaration on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the EU: European success means commitments world-wide

On the occasion of the signing of the Berlin Declaration on the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome on the 25th March, the Association of German Development Non-Governmental Organisations (VENRO) calls for increased European engagement in achieving world-wide social justice. ”The EU must not rest on its laurels but has to campaign for world-wide solidarity and fair globalisation. This is the only way to ensure that it can cope with future challenges,” said VENRO Chair Claudia Warning. ”With the Berlin Declaration, the European Union is going to show what role it wishes to play in the world,” Warning added. The EU had to recognise that eliminating poverty world-wide was among its political priorities. ”It is committed to this by its own fundamental principles of democracy, equality, solidarity, tolerance, social justice and respect for the human rights,” Warning said.