Youth Employment Gateway – PathFinder Framework

Youth Employment Gateway – PathFinder Framework
”Create opportunities by spreading ideas, inspiring creativity and innovation and facilitating opportunities to take shape”. An organisational culture of innovation is a source of inspiration as well as a driver of opportunity. Effective leaders inspire and create a dynamic environment for innovation to flourish. They tend to frequently discuss matters with team members, solicit their feedback and seek to develop new ideas through them. This approach promotes a sense of ”anything is possible”, erases conventional boundaries of thinking and triggers new opportunities for the organization. Young men and women facing livelihoods challenges are often restricted by both perceived and very real limitations on the opportunities that are available to them. When practitioners use creative possibility thinking they set an example that can inspire young people to break down the barriers created by their limited belief in their own possibilities. It is thereafter that their perspective on possibilities widens. When their perspective opens up opportunities emerge. This is a direct result of effective leadership that inspires a culture of open learning, sharing and innovation.