Guidelines on group formation and management

Co-operatives among small farmers to grow out of poverty
This document describes what groups are, strategies of formation, training, group management and providing other hints on the formation of successful groups. It provides a list of traits of mobilizers engaged in group formation and leadership qualities. Committees to ensure successful group management are also recognized. The section on methods of group formation however, needs some modifications to reflect on the lessons learnt in the past few years. At least the three steps of group formation will have to be revised. The document gives the impression that groups are ”formed” by an outsider. This conveys a wrong signal! Groups are actually formed by the local people to meet their identified and unidentified benefits. If a group is formed by an outsider, it belongs to the outsider! What is more appropriate is an outsider to facilitate the group formation process while the actual formation itself becomes the responsibility of the local people.


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