Microfinance: Client assessment valuable in widely different circumstances

SEEP has published two case studies on individual MFIs that participated in its recent ”Putting Client Assessment to Work” Practitioner Learning Program: one on ACLAM (Haiti) and another on CRECER (Bolivia). Despite radically different operating conditions, both institutions were able to use client assessment to improve their institutions and services. Client Assessment in Conflict- and Disaster-Affected Environments; The Experience of Action contre la Misère (ACLAM) in Haiti, http://www.seepnetwork.org/content/library/detail/3591, examines how ACLAM used client assessment to help it survive political violence and a devastating hurricane in 2004. In contrast How Client Assessment is Making a Difference at CRECER http://www.seepnetwork.org/content/library/detail/3588 documents how a MFI in Bolivia implemented a client assessment program with in-house staff, a process that led to both operational and product changes.For the rest of this article visit http://www.seepnetwork.org/content/library/detail/3602